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Question about IX 2.0 Tutorial videos

I was wondering if you could make available the source files for the Webflow pages you demo in the videos, specifically the parallax tutorial video. Since it is a general overview video, it glosses over some important details, so providing the Webflow designer files, we could at least look to see how things were done and deconstruct it. This would greatly help the learning curve and might reduce the number of questions in the forums.


There was a live stream Nelson did about three weeks ago where he does an entire hero with parallax. It’s a good watch, I can’t find the link though :confused:

here is it :slight_smile: hope this helps


Thanks and this will definitely help, but what about Webflow source files? specifically, in the parallax tutorial. In that short 3 min video, it is shown how to make multiple elements scroll at various speeds, but what isn’t shown is how each element is positioned and what they are targeted to. Being able to look at the example in the Webflow designer view, would go a long way to being able to figure out how to use these tools.

BTW, the addition of being able to turn on/off interactions depending on the viewport is awesome! as is adding the “lightning bolt” icon to indicate that the element has an interaction applied to it. Nice work on that stuff!