Question about interactions and horizontal scrolling on mobile

Does anyone have an idea on how to stop horizontal scrolling on mobile when I have interactions that move from the left or right? There isn’t much wiggle room on mobile and apparently having interactions that move left or right causes this problem. Even the custom viewport code that keeps everything at 1x doesn’t solve the issue either.

Just set up overflow: hidden on the element which contain animated object. Usualy it is help.


@sabanna Unfortunately it doesn’t fix the issue.

@GodlessGlen Try and give the body these styles: max-width: 100% | overflow: hidden

If that does not work try javascript:

function bindEvent(e, eventName, callback) {
if(e.addEventListener) // new browsers
e.addEventListener(eventName, callback, false);
else if(e.attachEvent) // IE
e.attachEvent(‘on’+ eventName, callback);

bindEvent(document.body, ‘scroll’, function(e) {
document.body.scrollLeft = 0;

I don’t advise doing this because it limits functionality for users with small screens.

If none of these work can you please give me a read-only link if possible


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