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Question about DNS Possible problem with Monthly purchase

Heys guys, i purchased the 1 year 14.00 a month plan, called godaddy and purchased domain. They walked me through the setup process and we input the ip adresses as showed in custom domains. When i goto check status it no longer says “check status” it does show the domain name i added. I republished site as directed. i never did see a “pop up window” for the extra 4.99 a month. Did i miss something ? Paul.
P.S. its only been like 18 hours since the redirect went into effect so maybe this is normal waiting period ?

Comparing to the following table if you are on Micro Plan ($14.00/month paid annualy) you can have up to one website with 20 pages on it and Custom Domain Hosting is for free. Maybe this is a bug or maybe I don’t understand something here…

it would be best to pin @danro, @thesergie and @callmevlad here. They might help with this one. If you find a solution please post it here too for other people to know :slight_smile:

Might be a bug. i have to get up and running by Monday morning please if anyone can help. is there a phone number for me to call ? I checked it again and i still am not having any luck…

Ok. Got it figured out…if you only put the domain name and if you do not put www in front of it it will give you a 404 error. so i added the www and the domain name and it took within 1 minute.