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Question about Consulting with Bigger Clients

I’m honestly just curious about this… How do you guys go about the “freelance” or “consulting” conversation when talking to a bigger company? Do you ever feel that they just want to send you through their hiring funnel?

I’m wondering about some tips on how to best approach bigger clients to do projects with. Do you guys have any good strategies? And do you have any examples of big clients that you’ve kept working with on-going? For example, a Google or Facebook most likely has tons of engineers/designers. Why would they ever work with a freelancer? Any thoughts?

Also, what happens if their recruiter seems to think of you as a potential employee. I find it hard for recruiters to break out of their cognitive biases and societal comfort zones to talk about freelancing like a viable option. Any thoughts on that?

Thanks for any feedback guys!

Also, if you do land a big client… how do you go about handling the account internally? Are you managing the data in a CRM or keeping their data in a database somewhere?