Question about combo classes that don't go more than two levels deep

Hello all,

I am now studying requirements for Webflow Portfolio examples and one of the requirements is that “Combo classes don’t go more than two levels deep”.

I have been using combo classes and these are great, but sometimes I need to use more than 2 levels, for example:
Heading 1 → Black → Centered

Or for example Button → Primary → Small

The rationale for using this convention is that if I need to edit all these values, I only edit this one place, but then again, Webflow says it shouldn’t go more that 2 levels deep.

I watched the tutorial on Classes and it does not mention a single thing about two levels and actually is using 2 combo classes as per example.

Can someone please shed some light on this?

Many many many thanks! :slight_smile:

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Hi, can anyone help with this? :slight_smile:

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Sorted. Completely forgot, that parent element can carry styling which can be applied to children.
This way if I have global H1 as Black, I can create another class H1 White and nest it in the parent element with class Centered - sorted. No need to reply.

I thought 2 levels deep doesn’t count first class - as it is main class then +1 first level +2 second so no more then 3 classes total per object. So it is not the case? max can be only 2 classes per element? (not global)