Question about Collection List linking

Hey everyone,

I’m currently working on a large project for a company with 116 chapters. Now most of these chapters are linked through the collection list to their collection page that I’ve designed myself. However, one of these chapters is a snowflake and has their own website. If I change the link settings for this one chapter, of course this changes the link of all the other chapters to that as well. I kinda need this list to be in alphabetical order, so putting the link elsewhere on the page really isn’t an option. Is there any way currently to change the link of just one item in a collection list? If not, can anyone think of a workaround for this?

Thanks very much!

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You could create a conditional. Add a switch field to the collection called offsite for example.

Noob question I know, but won’t this only effect the visibility? I don’t see a way to add a filter to change the link structure. Thanks for bearing with me, I’m a bit new to the CMS features.

Mind sharing your Read-Only Link? When you are looking for design help it is pretty much a necessity. Thanks.

I typically do share the link, yes, but in this case our client’s site needs to be kept private. Sorry about that, would I be able to PM you about this instead?

Easier to do it than explain it.

Thanks for this demo, I really appreciate you putting the time in to it. Perhaps I didn’t articulate well enough exactly what my problem is. The site I’m currently working on is a platform switch from Wordpress over to Webflow, due to this I am unable to take any creative liberties that change the look and structure of the site, it needs to be an exact replica.

The list in question is just that, a list, with hyperlinks and no buttons at all. Is there a way to achieve this functionality within the collection list formatting itself?

Thanks again for your patience and prompt response time, the Webflow community has been extremely helpful so far!

A collection list can have whatever content in it that exists in the collection list fields, and any additional content you want to repeat. There are no styling limitations. Buttons are what I chose to use. It could have just as quickly been a text link, identical to the one shown for the external link.

You can play with the read-only project link. It simply or elegantly displays what you can do with conditional visibility.

If you shared a link to the existing site, what you are looking to achieve might be more apparent to me.