Question about CMS Structure

Hi everyone,

I’m creating a Support Center which will contain multiple types of support, as well as multiple categories. Types will contain entities like Tutorial, doc, tricks etc. while the category will contain entities like orders, delivery, payments etc.

I’ve already built the structure, but I’m not sure as to which approach would be favourable here.

Two possibilities:

  1. Create one collection called ‘Articles’ and create two other tables called ‘categories’ and ‘types’. Every article has two fields that reference to which category and type this particular article belongs.
  2. Create one collection for every type of Article, and just use one reference field to attach this particular article to a certain category.

My logical thinking would say 1 is best, but there’s a minor problem with that approach:

On the homepage, I want to show two dynamic lists. One shows tiles for every type of support, with a list of articles belonging to that type. The other one shows tiles for every category of support, with a list of articles belonging to that article.

The problem: It is not possible to nest dynamic lists to put a list with articles in every tile for category & type.

Am I right in the above description? If I am, is approach 2 the solution to this problem?

Thanks for your insights guys!

You meant belonging to that category, right?

Ok so yes, you’re right, the 1. is what you should do.

Do you have a predesign or mockup of what you want to achieve?

because you can have one dynlist for your arctiles, and they a series of dynlist underneath, one for each category, listing all the posts within that category… I mean each of this list is only a list of articles filterd on said category, and you add a static title with the name of the cat. I don’t understand why lists should be nested.

Let me know. And don’t do the 2.! :wink:

Two dynamic lists underneath each other sounds like a fair solution. It’s still not the most elegant solution however, because the content is in a tile. For this to work the elements should not be nested, so I’d have to split up the tile into a header part and a content part. The header part would contain a list with names of the type/cat., and the content part would contain a list with articles in that particular type/cat.

And even splitting is not possible: Dynamic lists use columns to divide content. But splitting means that on smaller screens the headers will show up underneath each other.

I guess after all I’m forced to go for option 2!:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: