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Question about CMS capabilities

Hey guys,

I’m new to the forum so forgive me if I do something wrong. Anyway, I was hoping to build a website where users could signup and purchase video courses. Some of these courses would also have an embed to a video conference. Is this something I can do? I’m not entirely aware of Webflow’s CMS capabilities.

Hello @weary

Yes this is possible, however I wouldn’t really recommend you trying to do something like that as your first project since that is pretty advanced and based on your question I am guessing that you have only recently gotten into webflow. There are quite a few good templates which you might want to consider as a more budget-friendly option compared to giving the project to somebody to build out from scratch. If you anyhow want to try it on your own there are plenty of tutorials online such as this one for the Sign up options ( also he’s showcasing videos in his project so that is probably a bit more help as well):

and plenty more for ecommerce.

Cheers and welcome to Webflow!

I was actually looking at that! Thank you lots for the help! :smiley: