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Question about Account Plans - how many pages per project?

I want to upgrade so I can create some proper demos.

I want to create the demos and then transfer the site/client to a hosting plan.

The FREE plan supports 2 ‘Projects’ - but each project can only have 2 pages

if I upgrade to LITE plan, it says I can create 10 Projects, but how many pages can each of these projects have? is there a total pages restriction?

This is not made clear in any documentation I have read



The restriction is lifted, Enhanced staging sites can have 100 pages as any hosted sites

I made one , hope it helps ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

cheers mate

could I please ask you another one as you seem to know stuff.

So I create a demo for a client using the LITE plan.

This is then transferred to a hosting account with domain for the client who then pays for that hosting from that point onwards.

If their live hosted site needs any updates or changes does the site have to still be one of my 10 projects still to be edited/tweaked?


oh sorry, one other Q

tbh I have 2 free accounts - I have been using them to try things and evaluate different styles/techniques

if i pay & upgrade ONE of those free accounts to a LITE account can the projects in my other free account be transferred to the one LITE account?

each account obviously has a different email

sorry to bombard you with other questions man.


When you transfer a site, it really transfers it: it disappears from your Dashboard. If you want to keep a copy of it, you have to duplicate it prior to transfer it.

When a site has a paid hosting — a site plan — all limitations are lifted: your client can do whatever he wants on the site and will be able to create 100 static pages and 2K CMS item if it’s a CMS hosting. The only limitations will be he can’t transfer the site nor he can’t export the code.

tbh I know people who have 10 :joy:

Not something you can do. however, you can either:

  • ask support to kindly do it for you as a one time exception. No guarantee that they’ll follow through but nothing prevents you to ask politely
  • Copy/paste things from one site on an account to another site on another account, I’m talking about copy and pasting elements inside of pages, not entire site or entire pages.

Don’t be, forum is here for that and I’m not even obliged to answer :slight_smile:

I hope that you can sort all your things nicely soon. Kudos for your lite plan engagement :slight_smile:

Cool, thanks again, so final question so i am sure…

so once the site is transferred to the client hosting package, if i DON’T make a copy (preferred, because ideally i’d want to free up my own project slots on completion)… if they want me to do any changes from that point onwards I simply need THEIR account login details & I can then edit the site in THEIR admin which will be the same as MY project editor but with their site as the only project…?

Exactly what you said.

(Except they could also have 2 staged projects on top of their hosted site.)

cool man. cheers. thanks for your time. :+1:

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Thanks for discussion. Great