Quality annual design courses

Hello designers on Webflow! I’m currently a designer from Ukraine(Kharkiv) and I’m in Prague and in the process of learning the platform and English too :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Let me tell you a little about myself:
My name is Dima , designer with 2 years experience and I already have experience with clients and big services and even international awards, but I want to leave CIS market and work with foreign clients. I left my old working platform Tilda Publishing because it’s russian and I don’t want to have anything to do with this country anymore when all the money goes to war in my house

I’m 20 and I have a year before graduation from university (majoring in marketing), but I need a job now in the studio preferably, but it seems to me that without a degree in design at uni it’s hard to get anywhere, so at least called for an interview and looked at a man who has a good education in design, not only courses and self-study

I do not want to stop in the skills and I want to grow and to grow I need to get in a studio where I will have a mentor who can help me in my skills. But to get there I need an education that can really be taken seriously, not just for show. (If you have a different opinion, tell me.)

My main question is:
I hope they can help me with design training here
I am interested in annual design courses where the education will be appreciated in Europe and around the world
If you have something to say on this subject and you know such an intensive annual course where you will be specifically trained to work in the design studio, I will be very grateful, and if you have something to say, I will be very grateful for your feedback :revolving_hearts: