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QHD Layout Issues

Hi Guys

I hope someone can help?

I am building a project for a client, and for everyone in involved on the project, we are all seeing the website as intended, except the big boss, who is having layout issues on his QHD+ screen.

I cannot find anyone else talking about or experiencing this. So I’m hoping its local to him, otherwise, I fear all my sites may be looking rubbish on QHD screens!

The first issue is the company logo. I’m using an SVG set at 200px.
I can see that his device is showing the logo at full size but cutting off at 200px.
Surely his device should treat the logo in the same way as everyone else?

The second issue is the Grid feature.
It’s supposed to display 3 boxes in a row, but on this QHD device, the first box is stretching full width.
Can anyone shed any light on this?

The live site can be viewed here


It may be the QHD screen, and I can’t say for sure, but I’m thinking this is related to your client’s browser of choice. Are they using IE by chance? IE doesn’t support flexbox or Grid fully so the design will look broken on that browser.

Can you please have them try viewing the page in Chrome?

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Thanks Brando.

I asked client to Ctrl +F5 his device to clear cache and download again. Whilst waiting to hear back from him I realised he was using Internet Explorer and so i suggested he didnt.

Glad to report he says all ok now, but unsure if the refresh or change of browser fixed it. I wanted to delete my thread as I don’t like non Webflow issues hanging around. I worry it makes Webflow look buggy when it isn’t! :blush:

But thanks for reply


I wanted to delete my thread as I don’t like non Webflow issues hanging around.

That’s super thoughtful of you :blue_heart:

We’ll likely keep this thread around so other community members can reference if they need to, but if your client reports this as resolved on their end I can switch the category from Bugs → General Help or something similar :slight_smile:

Thanks and I’m standing by for your client’s reply!


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