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Qapp template help chaning main picture

Hey just a need a quick fix on this template trying to change the background picture. Any help please message back

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You can change the background image of any element by clicking on it and going to the background section in the style pane. You should see a background image setting. Qapp has 2 backgrounds so just select the bottom one called banner.jpg You just click that and upload your new image. Make sure to set it to cover and choose an image that is at least 750 pixels wide or it will look pixelated. over 1500px wide is recommended for big screens.

If you are new to webflow, I strongly suggest going through a bunch of the tutorials on Webflow isn’t like wix or squarespace in that it gives you complete control over everything and if you aren’t familiar with how CSS parameters work, your site can get messy very fast. I hope that doesn’t discourage you though, there is just a steep learning curve but totally worth it!

Good Luck!