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Putting side dropdown menu in a text

Hi guys ia it possible to insert a side dropdown menu in a text?

I’m going to create collection pages and collection lists, organize them to the menu buttons, but I’m confused a bit how to do this effect
(accent on the menu, take a look, please). When I press on side dropdown menu, there appears elements of collection lists or pages, created previously. How to do this? How to put menu in a text on a page and then organizeto the collection lists.

I’ll be very thankful for your response

Hi, yes it’s possible.

I’m not sure if there is a better way than this… but here is a live link to show you

READ ONLY LINK HERE (Side Dropdown Page)

Here is the read only project. Have a play so you can see how it works. You need to use a normal dropdown menu and then just move the dropdown section accordingly on each device so it appears to the side rather than the bottom.

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