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Putting A Virtual Piano On My Website

Hi, I am opening up a music school. Yay arts.

  1. I searched the web and found this cool embeddable piano:
  2. I tried to put it on my website using the embed widget but it turned out like this:
  3. It looks wack
  4. It causes random logging out from my webflow account
  5. It has this error code when I’m inputting the code:
  6. How do I make it look normal and function properly?

Thanks so much,

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Which page is this on? I don’t see it on your website

It causes random logging out from my webflow account

You probably have shared the password with someone else. Change your password and don’t tell anyone otherwise they can log you out.

Oops, it should be on the take lessons page. Thanks!

In the embed code on line 3, insert this line

.key { padding: 0; }

#5 is NOT an error, just a warning.

Oh there is a bigger issue, the sound files are being blocked by the server where it is stored on

The only way to fix this is download and re-host the sound files, then use a copy of the script that points to your copy of the sound files.

Okay, thanks so much for your help. Sorry for the time between replies. Working a night shift right now. Will you be available in two hours by chance?

It actually worked by putting the padding to zero. I haven’t run into any issues with the sound not working.