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Purpose of modernizr.js


What exactly does webflow use modernizr.js for? Is it only for the html5shiv features for IE support, or is there some other use?


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Can any @webflow staff share some insight?

The reason I’m asking is that modernizer.js is now recommended to be placed in the footer, not the header:

But Webflow still places it in the header, which is not ideal. Is there a specific reason for that?

I was wondering if it would cause any problems if I moved it to the footer.
The purpose is to increase performance and speed.

Any ideas anyone?

interested in this as well.

These 2 are probably the best sources on this subject…

@callmevlad @brryant

But unfortunately, looks like @callmevlad and @brryant and not interested in giving any input. Nor any other @webflow staff for that matter.

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@meadow Let’s not assume that :wink: We have an engineer investigating making this change :thumbsup:


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@meadow @Revolution As of today, Webflow no longer uses modernizr (effective after your next republish). Instead, we conditionally link directly to html5shiv for very old versions of Internet Explorer to make sure they render new HTML5 tags instead of just ignoring them.