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Purchased Template: Hero Section bug on Android (Iris)

Hello there,

I purchased the webflow template “Iris” and published it on – which is working fine on Apple Devices (iOS & OS). I use the home template option “Home A Dark” (live preview template).
But on android mobile devices the “hero section” is buggy: it stretches the lines about 200% VH. You can test the behavior here for free: Page-oscope: Preview Websites on Various Phones

Bug Image:

I shared the website already with potential clients, so I would be very glad to receive some help from the forum.

Thank you very much,
looking forward to you hints & tips.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - JSW

Here is my site link:

hi @JSWberlin and welcome, as issue is related to purchased theme instead of trying your own fix I strongly recommend to contact developer who created this theme as any custom change in code will/may disappear when theme will be updated by creator to new version.