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Pulling multiple fields into one Collection List

Hi there,

I’m having a very hard time pulling fields from multiple items within a collection and displaying them randomly on my page. I want to display at random the Title, Image, Category, and Author from an item as one unit within a block and also a Pull Quote and the Author from another item as another unit within the same block— I want them to shuffle randomly and making it so the pull quote isn’t underneath the same item from the collection.

Is this possible?

Thanks so much!

Here is my public share link:

You can see what I’m talking about at the Old Home page.

This page might be what you are looking for.

Note: Keep in mind that because we cache your site pages on a CDN (which is why they load so fast!), your random sorts on published sites will refresh once every 12 hours. The upside is that everyone viewing the site will see the same (random) order.

Hi there,

I’m able to achieve a randomized shuffle but I can seem to say shuffle Group 1 and Group 2 together, where Group 1 has different fields from the Collection item than Group 2. Know what I mean? You can see what I’m trying to achieve on the right side of the ‘Old Home’ page from my site…

You could only do this with custom code.

Does anyone have any custom code tips to achieve this?

Thanks so much!

Hi @crustmag did you ever get this figured out? I’d love to get something like this working too if you did.