Pulling in GCLID text from AdWords into Webflow Forms

Hi all,

My company is migrating to Salesforce, and I’m currently having issues with our AdWords integration, so that new leads can be detected as coming from Google ads via the GCLID code.

I’ve been following instructions in this article, but not getting it to work with regards to pulling in the GCLID code into the hidden form field I’ve created.

Here are the screenshots of what’s been updated in the Webflow code, for our Request Demo form that lives in the primary nav. You can access by visiting this URL with a GCLID test appended: https://www.blueboard.com/?gclid=“test”

Code within Webflow Request Demo Form , this is part 2 within Step 3 of the instructions we’ve been following.

Code added to Request Demo Success Page (between Head tags), this is part 4 within Step 3.

Resulting Request Demo form submission , where GCLID field is still empty. Both my original one, and the new one, aren’t populating any data. The word “test” should be showing as text below if this was properly working.

It used to look like this, as reference, where the GCLID was populating in the field “zc_gad”:

Does anyone have instructions for how to properly write the code so that the GCLID code is captured? Once we have this data, we can send it to Salesforce and continue with our integration steps.


The ID attribute should be unique to one element across a page. You have two. That could create an issue.

We can’t see all the code in your embed so can’t review that.

Google does recommend setting a cookie to store that value. Your not indicating that that you are running that script. See Step#2 from your instructions link.

Step#3 uses the cookies GCLID value. So if it is not being set in step 2 it is null.

Hi @webdev Jeff, thanks for your help.

I adjusted the form code to remove the duplicate from previous:

And I also made sure the script from Step #2 was added globally into the Footer code (see screenshot here): 04%20PM

I’m however still not seeing this capture and pass over any data into the forms, see screenshot here from a request demo submission I just made while on the page with a test GCLID appended to the URL https://www.blueboard.com/?gclid=“test”:

So I’m still scratching my head on this one, any other ideas?

My read-only link is here if that’s helpful for you: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/blueboard?utm_source=blueboard&preview=1d03d63c11528fa9ae9d465b1d7e4203

Appreciate the help!

Hi Morgan,

Were you ever able to figure this out? I’m running into the same issue at the moment.

Hi Morgan,

Did you ever manage to sort this out?