Pulldown in the Menu Button

Hi Everyone,

I made responsive website with few pages.
I have strange problem on Nav bar widget on one page.
When the screen come down to iPad or smaller size Nav bar changes from full size link buttons to Menu Button.
One of the pages Menu Button’s pulldown does not show “Home” when it’s preview mode and published mode but it appear on Design Mode???
does anyone knows why and how to fix it?
Here is two screen shots.


Please post your project’s read-only link.

Here is the share link.


Over here, “Home” menu item shows on tablet, in preview mode. I’m using Chrome latest dev build.

Hi Samliew,

But if someone is not using Chrome, like me.
I’ve just downloaded Chrome and to check about it.
But may people using Firfox and other browser.
Funny thing is why this event page only??? If other browser can not see it in any page, somehow I understand but this happens only this event page so, I think the problem is not becuase of browser.
If it related with browser, what makes different appearance by the browser and is there any way to fix it?

Well, I tried with newly downloaded Chrome and I could see “Home” in dropdown menu of the event page!!!


It looks okay on Firefox as well.

Hi Samliew,

Thanks, I will check it with other device.
I’m using tiny 13" Mac book!!! may be that why,.
Well, I checked on the new iPhone 6S and it happens on event page.
So, I do not know how you can see “Home” and I can’t,.


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