Pull Thumbnail From Video Data in CMS List

Is there an easy way to pull the video thumbnail off a video and have it display in a grid? Then, if someone clicks on the thumbnail, they go to the video spot?

I have a database of videos I that I am displaying on a page. I would like to be able to jus show the video on the page and have them click through to the actual video page to display it but when I reference the video on the CMS list, they can click “play” on the actual video and watch it there (which is a behavior that I don’t want).

Alternatively, it would be great to have them pop up in a lightbox and play there…

Any ways on how to do implement this?

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Anytime you want to change the behavior of a element which does not exist as an option in the designer, you can’t. You have to replace the missing functionality with custom code.

Example; You could store the value of the video src in the Collection, use another field to store a placeholder image (grabbed from the video for example). Add the image(s) using a collection list, then write custom code to handle the playback when the placeholder is acted on, let say in a modal.

If this is beyond your current skills you could write up a small functional spec and post it to the freelance category. Or you could wait for some generous soul to do it all for you. There are lots of helpful people here. I am busy writing code for food and shelter at the moment. Just taking a code break. :slight_smile:

Yeah - it’s likely easier for us just to upload a corresponding thumbnail image as a separate field, but didn’t know if there was a quicker way (we have a lot of rows).

If the videos are on YouTube you could investigate using something like https://boingboing.net/features/getthumbs