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Pull ecommerce site all together, everything is linked

For the life of me I can’t figure out how to link all the pages together in ecommerce. I have created the product pages, the category pages, the home page with images that I would like to link to the category pages. I have watch the videos, done everything in them and still can’t figure out how to link it all together…please, please, please can someone just show that last step(s) that pulls it all together menu, image link, to category, to products…

Here is my site Read-Only:

([how to share your site Read-Only link][2])

You need to add “link blocks” within each product. Click the settings of the link block, then click choose page - current product

that will work for linking your product images to the product page. The same applies elsewhere, just choose the respective settings.

So every item and category all the way up to the images in the home page require a link block…even in the nav bar?
How does that work using the CMS product and category templates so that each product has its own page that is linked to the item in the category page…sorry for my ignorance, I am so new to webflow and so old to be learning something new…

I think I should hire you to finish this one up. I have a lightbox in the product page…I don’t want to mess it up. I will be able to see all in the navigator (?) at the end. What do I need to do to hire you to complete this

Are you still interested in finishing the job? I took your advice but I just can’t fit the link blocks into what I have a built. I do understand how its done (link blocks) and will build accordingly in the future. But my design has too much for me, as a novice, to correct. Please let me know if you are available for the job and what the process is for payment.
Thank you for your time.

I would be willing for this to be an ongoing collaboration in that I have another site that I am stuck on (adding audio widget from udesly) that I would pay to have sorted.
Please let me know

Hi Trish,
Ok…I finally connected the category with the product pages with a button. Still challenged with the nav bar and the images on the homepage to connect to their respective category pages. Still need the help

Good morning Trish,
First let me apologize for the delay…We just had two hurricanes back to back so the power was off and then off again. I had some concern over just handing over my payment details in that you didn’t have a form to fill out on your website and since I don’t know where and who you are exactly, giving my card details out concerned me. I think it best I pay through paypal. Then, since we had the hurricanes I tried to fix the problem myself, I got all the menu stuff together but can’t hide the drop down stuff, plus it is cut off by the height settings. I hoped what I was able to accomplish would reduce the price ($200?)
Please look at the site again. Let me know what you think if all can be fixed I can make the payment today.