Publishing to subdomain only

Hi everyone!

I have an issue: We have an existing Wordpress website at I’m in the works of redesigning the entire site and publishing in Webflow, but not there yet.

However, I have an urgent need to publish a campaign page, which I’ve already created in Webflow.

So my question is, that is there any way to publish the Webflow campaign page to e.g. a subdomain without affecting the actual website at

Then I could have the actual website still as the Wordpress site, but do quick changes as needed to the campaign page in Webflow.

If this is possible, how should it be done? Or how should the DNS settings be for the domain, so it doesn’t kill my actual website?

Thanks a lot for your help!


It’s just a DNS setting and Webflow walks you through how to setup that up with your DNS when you add a custom domain in the project settings. I’ve done it for sites and it works without issue.

Thank you @ChrisDrit!

I found this as well, but just wasn’t sure if it’s possible to have main domain in Wordpress and subdomain in Webflow. Mainly I’m just thinking that the DNS changes would mess the main page totally, as it looks like I do not need to add the subdomain url on the DNS settings in any way.

But I’ll give it a try! Apologies for the stupid questions, these hosting / DNS settings are always too much for be to grasp :slight_smile:

Not a stupid question. These are confusing topics that can be stressful. Best to ask the community like you did :+1:

Everything working smoothly, thanks again!