Publishing to LIVE site issues

Hey guys,

(a) I am working on a job board at the moment and I am running into an issue where every new entry of a job or an employer in the CMS requires me to publish the entire site. Please see the screenshots.

Screen Shot 2020-11-25 at 9.58.11 am

Screen Shot 2020-11-24 at 12.20.50 pm

I want a single entry publish to LIVE page.

I ran into this issue only after I connected the project site to a domain. In the staging environment, it pushed directly to the staging site. No issues.

FYI - I did create an Employer and a Job in the staging environment which is also now available on the LIVE site. Is this what could be causing the issue?

(b) On my publishing tool, I can see 3 domains (1) the staging site (2) (3) Please see screenshot.

  • Why do I have 2 and 3 - one should be sufficient right?
  • When I choose (2), nothing gets published there but on (3) it works. Could the presence of these 2 domains be the cause of the previously mentioned issue perhaps?

Screen Shot 2020-11-24 at 12.21.46 pm

(c) Since the site is LIVE in its own domain, do I need to “Unpublish” the staging site by the way?

Thanks so much in advance & looking forward to hearing from you!

Looks like someone else had raised the same issue before:

Still looking for a fresh look into the matter though.

Me again. Looks like I may have sorted the problem. I published all my existing content to all those 3 domains and then when I submitted a job, it gave me the option to publish it directly to the LIVE page without the need for the whole site to be published! Woohoo! As someone mentioned in the old messages, all of the domain needs to be in sync.

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