Publishing to Hosted Site with html at end of url

I am staging a site that I plan to have hosted, transferring from a godaddy site that I have up and running. My current site url’s end with .html. It is a site created with Adobe Muse and hosted on GoDaddy. It is my understanding that by default, WebFlow publishes without the .html when it is a WebFlow hosted site. I want my url’s to end with .html so my page names will remain unchanged. If I am going to use a custom domain from GoDaddy, will this be an issue? Is there a way to ensure the pages are exported with the .html? Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated as I am trying to complete this move to webflow with as little disruption as possible.

The exported project pages and links will default to .html. No further action is required.

Hi @samliew. I have the same question as @bsmith17. Webflow publishes without the .html when the website is hosted by Webflow. Any solution for keeping the .html in the page url?

Are you asking about this on Webflow’s hosting? If yes then the answer is nope.

Yes. Thank you for the quick response.