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Publishing to custom domain

Before getting webflow, I had a site hosted on site5. I designed a site with webflow and want to publish it to that domain name. I deleted the content from site5, but I still own the domain name. On the advice of site5 customer service, I added my domain name to CloudFlare, so that I could add Webflow’s nameservers and IP addresses (as instructed on webflow’s “How to set up custom domain hosting with your Webflow site” page.)
Once I completed this step, I added my domain name to the webflow dashboard, and set it as the default. I got the little notification that I had successfully pointed the domain name at Webflow.
However, when I publish the site to the custom domain and go to the url, my old design is still showing. This is the design whose code I deleted from site5 (but none of the links to other pages work.)
I am trying to figure out why my new Webflow design doesn’t show up when I go to my site.

cloudflare settings

If you had setup the Cloudflare properly, you should only see Cloudflare’s IP addresses as A records (,, like my website

Yours is looking like this:

Thanks for the help–
When I try to enter the Cloudflare addresses you provided, I get an error message. I tried editing my existing records, as well as deleting them and making new ones, and neither attempt worked. CloudFlare immediately switched the codes back to what I had before.

No, you have to key them in the domain name registrar, not in Cloudflare.

By domain name registrar, do you mean site5? (In my case.) I tried entering them into the nameserver section in site5, but there was an error message and I don’t see a field for IP addresses.

You referred to the way I set up CloudFlare, so I thought that’s where the mistake was.

On Site5 (point to cloudflare):

Nameserver 1:
Nameserver 2:

On Cloudflare (point to webflow):

A record:

Right, those are the codes that I put in yesterday. Just now I deleted my domain name from webflow and added it back (for the millionth time.)… and this time when I published, the correct site showed up! I’m not sure why it worked now, and not yesterday, since I had those codes entered. So I can forget about &

You didn’t need to use those two IP addresses, Cloudflare will take care of them as long as you follow the Cloudflare setup and input the correct nameservers in your domain name registrar.

Ok, got it. Sorry I totally thought you were telling me to enter them somewhere! Thanks for your help, it’s working now.

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