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Publishing help


I have a site published with webflow ( and it is working great. However, I designed a second site in webflow and now I’d like to publish it to the domain. Can I do this? When I select publish site the option to publish to isn’t an option?


Hi @Shayfletcher

You cannot use the same domain name for two different Webflow projects. If you’re looking to create a completely different site, but on the same domain name, why not try using sub-domains instead.

We do this, at Webflow, for our sites. Examples:

To do this, just setup a CNAME for your subdomain, then add that full domain to your custom domain names list of your site.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Thanks @PixelGeek! However, I was hoping to scrap my current webpage all together. I like my new webflow design better. Can’t I just simply deactivate my current site and publish my new site to the domain?

Oh, you mean transfer hosting for two different projects. Well, there are two ways.

One is to contact Webflow support at

The other is manually cancel hosting on the existing project, then start the hosting plan on the new project. Don’t forget to add back the domain name you were using.

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