Publishing changes all my CMS dates - New "Original Date" field not pulling correct dates either

Hi there,

As the title says; when publishing all my posts were updating to the same date.

I’ve tried to create a workaround by adding an “Original Date” field, however it seems that all my posts are pulling the same date regardless of what is entered in each individual blog.

It seems that this date is constantly pulling from my most recent

Here is a link to the site


Hey Joshua, you done it right.

Webflow’s default date fields don’t mean which you think they should.
Notes on that here.

The reason your date field isn’t matching the Original Date of the page you’re on is that you’ve placed it inside of a collection list, which is also bound to Blog Posts, but is filtered. You’re getting different data inside that collection list than you are on the page overall.

Pull that date field out of the collection list to the main page level, and it will work fine.

Thank you so much Michael - That actually provided a lot of necessary insight that I needed!