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Publishing a webflow site to a subdomain of a domain that I do not own

Hello everyone!

I’ve got a newbie question.
I currently have a WordPress website that takes a sub-domain of someone else’s domain. The domain owner points the subdomain to my server IP.

domain (someone else’s) :
sub-domain (my website):

Now, is this possible with Webflow? I couldn’t find much info on it, so coming to you guys for some quick yes/no answers!


Hey @michhyou Welcome to the forum!

That is definitely possible. As long as you can access or have someone else add in a DNS record.

You’ll need to add the subdomain to your project, and have your friend point the subdomain to

Then you should be good to go. :+1:

Oh Great! Thank you for the prompt response!!

Oh! got another question! Would I be able to make the subdomain the default domain?

Hey @michhyou, Definitely!

In most cases and DNS configurations, it is recommended to use a subdomain as the default. Generally it is the www subdomain that is made default, but in your case, you would use your subdomain like