Publishing a site for a client (one-off website)

Hi All,

Apologies if this has already been asked on here… I have searched the forums but can’t find anything relating to my specific question.

I’m currently working as a freelancer in my spare time and one of my existing clients has asked if I could design a one-page website for them that they can use to promote their personal training business.

I normally only work on print based freelance projects for them and don’t have much experience with web design but have dabbled with WebFlow before and understand the basics so thought I’d give it a go to help them out!

The problem I have is that because I don’t design websites on a regular basis I’m only using a free starter package on WebFlow. This works fine because the site I’m designing is only a single page site.

The problem I have is that my client has already registered their domain with IONOS so I’ll need to publish the site I’ve designed onto their existing domain. Another problem is that the web page has a contact form on it that I’ll need to change so any submissions get directed to their email address.

Currently on the Starter package, there isn’t a way to publish to a custom domain and I can’t change the form settings. I’m also limited to 2 staging sites which I’ve already used by having my own site and this one in my workspace.

My questions are, if I paid for a 1 month subscription to the Freelancer Workspace, would that allow me to change the form settings and then publish it to a custom domain? Also, I know that would allow me to set up more than 2 staging sites but what would happen once my monthly subscription runs out? Would I not have access to all my staging sites (I might need another one or two in the future but wouldn’t want to delete the 2 I have already).

Also, what would happen to the form submission settings once my subscription runs out? Would that stay the same on my current clients website?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Kind Regards

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