Published website loads too long

Hi, I’m new to webflow. I used a template to create my portfolio. However, the published website takes too long to load (4-10 seconds) each time.

How should I fix it?

Thank you.

Hey Evelyn @evezzz, welcome to the Webflow community!

Looking at your asset manager, some of your images are pretty large. You could try optimizing them a bit more to improve the load time. TinyPNG is a good place to start.

Can you share the link to your published site, so we can verify the load time on our end? Thank you!

Hi Julian, thanks for getting back to me!

Right, I will try to optimize the images.

This is the link to the published site:

Thank you

@evezzz Your website seems to load within a reasonable amount of time on my end. After the page load animation has finished, everything has loaded and I can start scrolling.

If you remove the password to access the website, you can try out the following tools and see if there are any things you can improve on.

Thanks Julian! I will check it out

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