Published Website does not work on Safari


I just built my first website with Webflow for my friend. I published my website and I am using the Webflow basic hosting plan for the same. For some reason the website- only works on Chrome. I tried using it on safari and it directs to :frowning: I am attaching screenshots of dns setting on godaddy, hopefully that helps. My project link is:
Webflow - parker's portfolio
I have to publish this website on an urgent basis so any help will be much appreciated.
Thank you :slight_smile:

Hey @Tanishka_Sharma , the website runs fine on Desktop Safari for me. And I have also manually typed in and everything still loads up fine. Could you please tell me how you are viewing it on Safari?

Thank you for your prompt reply :slight_smile: there was something wrong with my browser I guess! it seems to be working fine on chrome on my phone just not on my laptop for some reason. Thank you.