Published website different from Preview website. Rogue element showing up in footer of published website, but have no trace in designer, or in the preview

Webpage that has the bug = all dynamic blog posts (eg. See the footer on this page vs other pages on the website.

Footer is a symbol.

A line in footer is replaced with a text element that is not part of the page. This issue is only visible on published pages. Previewer and Designer shows everything is ok.

Can any one help?

Hi @shubrank,

I’ve also noticed display issues since yesterday on pretty much all our websites.

For our case, a fresh publish resolved the issues.

Hi @ColibriMedia, I’m also noticing this on number of websites, especially if a CSS grid has been used. Have you contacted Webflow Support team to inform them with this issue and been able to learn why? Also did you need to change some settings either on Display or somewhere else pre-publishing?

I’m having the same issue, have been called by a few angry clients asking why their site has been heavily altered. What’s going on Webflow!?

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Hi @cemilhan,

Yes, I contacted support 2 hours ago, so far no answer, I let you know if I have something.

No I didn’t have to change any settings, just had to republish.

Also noticing just right now some panels in the designer failing to retain values.

It kinda sucks I have to finish something for a client by 5pm GMT.

[EDIT]: I forgot to mention, there’s also a bug on chrome android that pushes dynamic_color_gamut on Webflow sites. It took me a week to find out.

I can confirm an issue affecting grid layouts used on any page (without publishing). This is a critical issue. I slacked a message to various support staff a moment ago.

Hi @webdev,

Thanks for slacking them.

This also affects the designer I guess, the display mode panel defaults to inline for new added element and then makes the size panel also fail.

[Edit] Looks like only collection items are affected by the panel’s value bug

Unfortunately no one is online yet. FACE PALM

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For what is is worth it appears the republishing a site resolved the issue. At least on the last test project I checked. Don’t have more details to share at the moment.


This is quite concerning, I can’t keep wireframing CMS items.

[Edit] Panel value bug was related to a specific CMS collection. all good now.

For you and others following this thread see → All grid elements on published live sites are broken right now! - #5 by Nilson

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