Published site white gap? (Not showing in designer)

Hi there,

Once my page is published, one of my navbars has a big white gap? This has only just happened, have no idea why.

There is a second navbar with 88px margin at the top, this allowed it to be just under the first navbar. Now, a white bar above it?

Please help this is really annoying haha.


Here is my public share link:
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Is this normal?

I don’t think so, I deleted it but it hasn’t changed the margin on the published pages :frowning:

The Margin is actually the 38px margin of the tabs element.

Maybe simplify the structure for this not to need a margin.

This didn’t happen at all before, and removing the 38px still leaves a slight white section when it is published.

All other pages still have a quite large white section. I don’t understand what changes I made, this is baffling me!

Kind regards

Here is the link to the published site:

If you click on the Articles tile, you’ll see the recurring white space on this page

I managed to fix it. Was due to some custom code being used to allow html fields in collections.

Thanks for the ongoing help

Kind regards

Oh thanks for letting me know.

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