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Published site vs. Designer preview: items not displayed, drop-downs not working, etc

Good morning, Community,

I am facing a big problem (which I have discovered yesterday). Due to the current Corona crisis I haven’t been working on the page for quiet a while. But everything was running well for month (if not years).

My published live site ( is hugely differing from the site in the designer. Here everything is working as usual, everything is displayed, everything is fine.

In the published site, though, some parts of the website are either not displayed at all or they are not working. For instance the home page (both German and English):

  • The second scrolling Navbar is not displayed
  • a big div-block (Div 80 Prozent) is just blank in the published site
  • the contact form in the footer is not displayed (actually no form is displayed on the whole site)
  • no drop-down is working in the published version (they all do in the designer preview)

I have tried to publish several times - no change
I have restored back-uped versions from up to one month back - no change
I have renamed div-blocks, etc. - no change
I have written to the support - no answer yet

To sumarize: I don’t know what to do now - and I urgently need to get it running again!

I would very much appreciate if someone of you would have the one, easy solution to my problem :wink:

Thanks a lot and kind regards from Bremen, Germany,


Here is my site Read-Only:

Here is the live-link:

Problem is solved. Just to feed back here in case anyone else facing this problem:
The issue was caused by a custom script for the cookie consent. Having deleted this, the website works correctly again.

Thanks to Nelson for helping out :slight_smile: