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Published site still loads image that has been changed

On my site I had an image that was very large (1.8 mb) so I changed it out for a smaller image that is only 672 kb:

When I published my site and checked the Chrome network tab (yes I did a hard refresh to clear the cache) I can see the same old image still being loaded:

When I inspect the img in question, I can see that the URL is pointing to the new, smaller image (as it should).

The larger image is not being used anywhere else on the page. I can’t work out why the old, larger image is still being loaded. Does anyone have any ideas?

Try to Clear cache. Add live url please.

I tried in an incongnito window and used ctrl-shift-r to do a hard refresh thinking that was enough. I ticked the disable cache box in Chrome and now it’s sorted. Thanks!


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