Published Site iOS Display Issue

Hello! I apologize if this is a simple fix that I may be overlooking, but I’ve recently published my first site and everything appears to be working fine except for one thing. The first photo is what it’s supposed to look like and the second is what it looks like on iPhone and iPad:

It appears to have just taken the images completely out of the picture, and then content that is supposed to display once hovered upon, is already viewable.

I realize hover effects and transitions don’t work nearly the same on touch screens, so maybe this is my issue and I need to disable the hover effect on tablet and phone displays. However, the issue only seems to be taking place on iPhone and iPad. I’ve tested it on Android and it looks great on laptops/desktops as well.

This is my very first post in the forums so I apologize if I’m doing something incorrectly or breaking any rules.

Here is the read-only link to the site in progress. Thanks in advance for any help on the matter!

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Im also having a similar issue if anyone answers on my post it may help to answer your question

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