Published site does not look the same as what I see in Webflow

Published site does not look the same as what I see in Webflow.

Ive had to take a site down that I am building for a customer due to the published site does not look the same as what the layout looks in Webflow.

So I keep having to tweek it, etc in Webflow. And then when I think I have it right, I check on different devices, phones etc… and items are positioned incorrectly on different devices.

Any suggestions? I figure I am using some elements incorrectly. Or I have them set incorrectly.

Please check the page “Old Home 12”


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi Jose!

Can you please provide more details and a few screenshots with the differences you are referring to so that we can compare both versions and be able to help you?

Here is a GIF with what I’m seeing on my end and it looks - are you experiencing something different?

Please provide as many details and screenshots as possible so that we can take a closer look.

Thanks in advance!


Thanks for the reply.

So on Webflow it looks correct…however when I publish it is not correct. Some of the items shift.

Let me grab some screen shots from the mobile and Ill attach it here.

one moment


Here are some screen shots.
Text is shifting and some images also.

I am not opposed to deleting the sections and rebuilding them, Thats pretty easy. I just would like to know what to look for to build it correctly.

Thanks for the help!

I fixed it.

I had to set the parent item (in this case the columns) as flexbox items.

Then I could change the child items to Flex items and align accordingly.

Thanks for your quick responses :slight_smile: