Published pages on site appearing blank

Hi there - on our published site several pages are now appearing blank. I tried restoring a previous version to resolve but it’s not working. The following pages are appearing blank:
About us

Essentially all pages besides the HP are appearing blank.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK

hi @graceguava your body element is empty and instead all your code is as comment in you head. I have absolutely no idea how you have been able to manage to do that :thinking:. You can start with checking your page settings (also custom code) and/or disabling external libraries to see why and how your pages ended in comments.

interesting and. yes – myself and my team primarily use the visual editing/CMS elements vs. custom code, so I’m confused as to how that happened too :(…the page settings don’t seem to be offering me too many clues on how to fix though.

hi @graceguava IMO it has most probably something to do with your external libs code. Do you host it on WF or you have exported and host it somewhere else? There should be reason why body is in head.

you can check stackOverflow if you will find some hint there

EDIT: here is my opinion where to start looking.

ok thank you! I was able to fix it. It was the improper closing of the meta tag that broke the pages.

hi @graceguava glad to help. Feel free to close request if the issue is solved.