Published pages in subfolder produce 404


I am attempting to publish two pages from my website, but both result in a 404 error page. These pages are located within a subfolder and will be accessible solely via a button in the website’s navigation (organic traffic not considered). In essence, they are subpages of /resources/blog, i.e. /resources/blog/finance and resources/blog/people. This means that there’s a /resources/blog page in a folder and the two sub pages are in a subfolder, which does have the same path as the blog (resources/blog).

Here are the two read-only links for the pages mentioned above:

These pages were live yesterday, but today they consistently produce a 404. I have already deleted and rebuilt them, as well as tested them on different browsers and in incognito mode without success.

There’s not redirect interfering, either.

Any idea what might be the issue?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Hi Matthias, it looks like a systems issue to me.
You’ll want to contact support.