Published my site but can't find it!

Hey all, hope you are well, I eventually decided to publish my site half an hour ago however when I search for the site it’s nowhere, I have my own domain but was never asked for a password or any security when I input the data, I selected the option for extra payment to get my own domain hosted by webflow, I received the successfully published message as well, but no success really. I also had another issue in phone-portrait view, the links in my nav bar didn’t work at all (only on this view) and I kept getting 404 error. A little bit frustrated as it has taken me so long to get here. I guess I would live with mobile portrait view as long is the site is published. Would you guys be able to help?

Here is my site link:

Many thanks

Hi, just to let you know that my website is published now and absolutely happy so far, the mobile view seems resolved itself :slight_smile:


Hi @Royanajafy, can I just confirm… does this mean everything is working as it should be?

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