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Published changes not appearing on iOS

I’m not sure what is going on but none of my published changes to my site are appearing on any of my devices (iphone + ipad) on iOS. Safari nor Chrome. Changes appear fine on my macbook pro though. Is anyone else experiencing this?

If you look at the press page and the mobile portrait version…you will see that the icons above the magazine cover changes are not propagating (there should be space between the icons). I even tested text just to make sure it wasn’t a flexbox issue. If you notice the text below the magazine cover says “bony” instead of “ebony” in the designer but not on the mobile live site.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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I see bony i the designer and on the .io published mobile view as well.

Go to Safari settings on iOS and empty cache.

thanks! interesting. i cleared the cache earlier thinking that was the issue and still wasn’t getting the changes. i’m actually in bali so wondering if it maybe an internet issue on my end. it’s weird because i’ve been working on this site for weeks and never had any issue until now.

edit: nevermind. mobile safari seems to be updating fine now. still issue with mobile chrome but i’m convinced it is an issue on my end with my internet and caching. thanks for your help.

That would be a pretty intense proxy behavior, still, possible.

most probably yes :slight_smile:

So, in Bali? What’s the view from your office? :slight_smile:

a pretty awesome jungle with lots of birds, butterflies and trees is my daily work view :slight_smile: and i love it lots lol.

There’s a serious lack of picture here! ;-p

lol here is one from my instagram that i took about a month ago:

That is so cool :smiley: Cherish your luck!

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