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Published by me when I wasn't logged in?

Summary: Is there any way Webflow might spontaneously Publish a site, and how can this be prevented?

Our team had a very important launch that was published to the DEV environment. The planned launch to the LIVE environment was Monday. Somehow, the Friday night before the launch, the site was published to LIVE under my account. I was not even logged into my computer during this time.

My team and I looked into what might have caused it, but there were no indications for what may have caused this. Nobody was logged in to their computer and nothing was scheduled.

We would really like to know if anyone else has experienced this and how to prevent it.

There is no visual audit trail that I am aware of other than the site publish log in project settings. If your login was shared for multi-use then that could be the issue. I would reset the password and enable two-factior auth if appropriate.

Webflow is not designed to share login’s. More granular access control is on the horizon to ease our pain.

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Thanks so much, Jeff! It’s so strange that no one on the team says they were logged in, and yet this happened. I’m hoping to find some sort of answer so we can avoid it happening again. However, we will definitely be implementing separate logins.