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Publish website and save the original kit template for future editing of the website

Hi! I am new to Webflow and totally lost. I tried to google my problem, but after 4 hours I am totally desperate.

My problem:
I paid for a template and created a website in this project. How can I post my website saving the kit with its elements?

Option #1 - duplicate the project and delete all useless elements to post just my page. It can’t be done as I get a message that I must purchase another single-use license.
Option #2 - delete all unused elements and publish only my page. BUT! I want to be able to edit my website using the kit in the future. I haven’t include pricing/blog/etc, that I may want to include later.
Option #3 - I tried to copy and paste my page to the new plane project, but font and colors are different from the original one from the kit.

Please help me. I don’t want to pay twice for one published website and I want to save all elements that are available in the template.

Would appreciate any help!

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Hey there @veronika_yurchuk and welcome to the Webflow Forums!

If I am understanding correctly, you want to create a duplicate of the template without paying for it, and you want to use this template later to add components to your page that you previously deleted. If that’s correct, here’s how you can get a duplicate of the template without paying for it. This can only be done if you’re using the template for the same project, not a separate one. Let me know if this helps:


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Thanks, @myonke!

This is what I needed!
It wasn’t obvious for me to be honest. So, thanks a lot for your prompt reply!

One more question.
Now, I have the original kit as one project and my website as a separate project. In order to edit my website and add a pricing module, I will have just copy it from the kit project to my website.
Please correct me if I am wrong or in case there are some other options.

Happy to help, glad it worked for you.

To answer your other question, that’s correct. You could have just duplicated all of the pages in the project and only edited the ones you needed.