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Hi Webflow community.

I was just checking out some of the source code of websites in the forum and I realise that the site I’ve built has a problem with the code arrangement (it’s all been squished into one big mush and not organised like some others). FYI, I did purchase the template “Grow”

Would appreciate any and all feedback :slight_smile:


I don’t witness the big mush

@spencerj the source code is being compressed for optimal performance. If you want to inspect the code, you can inspect source with something like Firefox Firebug or Chrome Developer Tools.



Weird! Shows up as mushed on my normal chrome “view source” page. I shall try the one with developer tools and see how it goes! Thank you for the reassurance.:slight_smile:

@spencerj, it’s not weird, everything is OK and expected. As @jhotujec said, the source code is optimized (all formatting removed) to behave as fast as possible. In 2014 web we less and less “view source” to check the code. Instead, right click on an element or background and select “Inspect”. Chrome or Safari or Firefox will reformat the code for you to be able to read it.

(this dog cracks me up everythime I browse your site :slight_smile: )

Brilliant! Thanks @vincent and @jhotujec! Really appreciate the help!

(you can tell i’m a total noob when it comes to this. And I wouldnt have been able to create anything close to a website if not for webflow!)

that’s one for your quote book @thesergie :wink:

Maybe I missed something. I thought optimized code was only for webflow hosted source.

Exported source (ie: self-hosted) was not optimized

  • thus allowing you to edit the source… and later optimize the code if so needed.

Yes, it’s for Webflow hosting. Exported code is formatted, so you can edit it and chose to optimise it afterwards. I guess that’s the reason.

Exported code: