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Publish my Webflow CMS site

I wrote to support on saturday but i’ve receive no answer.
Please help me:
A) today, with my new ISP, I’ve changed the DNS of my 2nd level domain as you suggest in your guide. Typing my domain www.eliotecnoservice I receive error 404.
From Webflow dashboard I try to publish the site but the choice ” “ is not available (and the pop up say: Public sites must be publishied).
What i’ve to do?
B) When all will work, I’ll see my Webflow CMS site publishied on my domain: but if, for any reason, I would publish one of my old temporary sites with no CMS, what I’ve to do? I’ve to subscribe a temporary simple hosting from you only for the temporary site or is better change again the DNS (return to my ISP DNS) and publish the exported codes with any FTP uploader like Filezilla? (and after complete any changes on CMS Webflow site, rechange the DNS once again?)

+1 I am having the same issue

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