Publish from Designer -> Review changes somehow like in Editor?

Hello everyone,

I’ve been searching for this up and down and it leaves me absolutely puzzled that I can’t find any thread with this or a similar question:

When I change things in the Designer I can publish to Staging and/or Live. What I don’t understand or can’t find is a preview of what is going to be published very similar to the thing in the Editor “Changes to be published”.

Lets say I changed something two weeks ago and didn’t publish it and now I change something else and totally forget about the other thing I changed. I’d like to have a log or review option also in the Designer before I publish things.

And again: why isn’t anybody else looking for this? I can’t be the only person, can I? :hushed::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Thanks and Cheers

@cyberdave or anybody? Sorry for mentioning you but I don’t really understand why there isn’t a log somewhere just like in the Editor and nobody is asking for it, really (only found threads from a couple of years ago).

This would be just like a very basic function but also very common, right? See the Editor and/or FTP uploads. I feel a little blind without it, actually. In this thread Sergie said that it was planned to “adding the info to the publish popover in the Designer”.

Is there any news on this, maybe?