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Publish Controls - Duplicate content

Continuing the discussion from New Feature: Publish Controls & Domain Redirection:

Very nice guys, great feature!

Would you mind to provide some more details about how is Webflow handling the Duplicate content issue?


Hi @guihnz that’s a great question. If you publish your site to your subdomain and to and to and just leave them be, Google might index all 3 domains and may penalize you for duplicate content or will just be very confused as to which domain is the most important. In this case this is what you should do:

  • So that google doesn’t index your subdomain you’ll have to unpublish it.

  • Since you have two custom domains (non-www and www), you’ll have to choose the default one in your Hosting tab. If you choose the www to be your default, then your non-www will 301 redirect to the www. 301 redirects are the best way to tell Google and other search engines “hey don’t worry about this site, let me show you the most important site to index”.

You can read more on the blog post here:


Hi Guys @cyberdave @vincent @bartekkustra @webflow

How can I hide the webflow version of the site from google search?

I want the search engine to See Published version:
and Hide webflow version:



As far as I understand, only the version with the Home icon selected is going to be parsed by search engines

(click on the IMAGE link)

Hi Guys thanks for your help, I have made the changes but the extensions still appear.

Actually @vincent that only applies to custom domains. @garethknott you can unpublish your subdomain so Google doesn’t index it. More info here: New Feature: Publish Controls & Domain Redirection


I’m still getting to know WF. @thesergie you recommend - unpublishing the url so it won’t get indexed … it makes the dashboard image for the site show a 404 then:( …live site of course runs fine, just makes the dashboard less fun looking at several 404 images.

What is the best way approach to setting up a new site (in order to redesign) with and existing url?

Is there a way to use my domain (that will soon be with web flow) as opposed to WF? For example,

No bueno! Let me file a bug for this.

As for subdomains for your own domain ( yeah you can set that up and publish to just that domain.

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@thesergie Great. Also noticed it doesn’t show as published (rocket doesn’t turn green).

Can you show a screenshot of what you’re referring to? Also what do you expect to see and what you see instead?

@thesergie Sure! On the site hosted and published under her domain the site rocket shows grey not green. It’s grey because I don’t have it published to the domain. If the best practice for SEO is to un-publish the address then it just seems like the rocket should be green regardless or maybe two rockets. One to show published to webflow and one to show published to custom domain (green and purple)?