Publish a sub domain with A-records


I stumbled across a problem I never experienced before. I own but already have a site on that domain. I have now done a new site on Webflow and want to publish it on the subdomain, but according to my hosting service, I need other information than the default information that Webflow provides. I need an ip address or A-records (are they the same?). Anyone know how to fix this?

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Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK](Webflow - C.A. Mateas Pares)
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Hi Mateas, I think this is what you’re looking for-

Thanks, but the problem is that I still want my mail, which is connected to it, and then I can’t use CNAME, I need the A-records.

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:laughing: Eh?
I’m not sure what you’re talking about, there’s no conflict…

DNS is whereever you want

a CNAME directs your subdomain traffic to your subdomain-based Webflow-hosted site

Your MX records direct your mail traffic to your email providr

:slight_smile: I don’t know how to explain; I don’t know much about this. Webflow only provides CNAME for subdomains and apparently using CNAME doesn’t allow to have a mail account on the same subdomain as I publish using CNAME.

No, CNAME records and MX records are not related, they’re two different pieces of data in your DNS configuration.

Yes I know, but Webflow only provides CNAME, and that is not sufficient to publish a subdomain and still keep my mail address attached to that subdomain. I’ve already sent that link to my host and they can’t use it if I still want my mail address at the same time :man_shrugging:.

You’re still confused about something. The CNAME Webflow provides is for configuring your website. Having email on that domain or subdomain has nothing to do with CNAMEs, email is configured through your MX records.

I use both all the time.

If you’re trying to have your website at and also have some form of web-based email interface ( like Google Workspaces ) also accessible at then yes that would not work. Two different web-based systems need two different hostnames.

That’s not what you’ve described here though- email services by themselves use MX records only, plus TXT records for your SPF and DKIM configs. They use no CNAMEs at all, and no A records either.

Whatever it is you need to sort out regarding your MX records and your DNS you’d need to sort out with your mail provider and your DNS provider, since they are the ones who actually have the information and the access needed. Those really have nothing to do with Webflow.

Apparently :slight_smile: The problem I face is that I have provided my host with all information that Webflow has given me, and they can’t set it up.

My website’s domain is and my mail is I use with my mail application in my MacBook Pro.

How would you pursue to publish and still keep

I’d probably change DNS providers.
If you don’t have access to your DNS directly to set this up yourself, right there that’s a concern.

Cloudflare has an excellent free DNS service;
I did a tutorial on how to set that up.

Once you have that in place, it’s easy to add your CNAME. You’d just leave your MX’s untouched.