Publish a live collection item from phone with API

Currently for our website we have to content moderate user posted videos. Every time a user posts a video it’s automatically published as a draft on webflow through Zapier, and we can watch each video that comes through on our phones.

However, once we accept the videos, there is no way to publish from the phone. I know that it’s possible to live publish a collection item using the webflow API, but can you guys think of any way to trigger that from a button press on a phone?

Thank you in advance.

You could build an app or page that is connected to a middleware app that connects to the API to accomplish what you want. You need middleware so as not to expose your API key. Like an express app running node somewhere.

I have a few customers that use Airtable for that. New videos are posted to Airtable (using an Airtable form), and then the admin reviews the new submissions and ticks a checkbox if the video is acceptable.

Then PowerImporter automatically detects the new video in the Airtable view that only displays “moderated” videos and updates Webflow.

The best part is that PowerImporter generates the video embed code needed by Webflow to appear on the published site. No need to add/remove a space to the video URL.