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Protected Page redirects to Home

Hi there! I am using Webflow for some time now but I am encountering a bug I don’t know how to fix. Some help would be great!

The problem:
I made a member area page that is protected, but every time I try logging into that page I get redirected to the “Home” page of my Site. The current password is: test1234
The Button “Anmelden” on the top right links to the protected member area. I hope, that someone knows how to solve that problem.

Thanks in advance,

The site:

password if you press on “Anmelden”: test1234

Here is my site Read-Only:

Hey, did you check if maybe at some point a 301-redirection was automatically created for the member area? You find it under project settings → hosting and then scroll down a lot.

I checked it now, but there are no redirects in the Settings. Do you have any other idea what could solve the problem?

So far I have no idea where the problem could come from, but to narrow it down a bit, maybe you could create another password-secured page and see if the same thing happens? Then you’d know if it’s a page-related problem or somewhere in the system.